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By Heather

In high school, acne was a big problem for me, so I was always on the hunt for the best zit zapping tips and willing to do anything it took to get rid of them. All I ever wanted was my skin to be clear, yet unfortunately, when I was a teen, no effective information was out there that didn’t involve Accutane, Clearasil, or any of those other stinky and ugly creams at the drugstore you put on your face. I couldn’t afford Accutane and wasted tons of money on creams and washes that just irritated my skin. Yet, what I didn’t know that I know now was that my lifestyle was ruining my skin, and it didn’t have to be that way. When I entered my twenties, I learned some of the easiest and best zit-zapping tips I’ve ever received, and my acne was gone within about two months. It also never returned. I’m 28 today and look younger than I did at 16, seriously! I credit this 100% to lifestyle changes that ended up being the best natural zit zapping tips I ever received from some incredible professionals out there. Let me share with you what tips I implemented, so hopefully you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did.

1 Stop Tanning

I was a tanning queen until I learned that one of the most important zit zapping tips is to actually quit tanning and living in those nasty tanning beds or laying in the sun all day. I heard the incredibly false rumor that tanning would clear your skin up, but that’s not really how it works. What really happens is the rays from the sun, or the tanning bed actually radiate your skin cells and acne becomes less apparent. Underneath the first layer of your skin, acne will still occur and keep coming up at some point. Plus, the rays leave deep scar tissue that will be incredibly visible if you don’t keep tanning. It took me about two months of making the transition to see less acne, and my scars finally went away within a year. It wasn’t easy, but now my skin is more clear, consistent and softer than it’s ever been in my life. It’s also wrinkle free!

2 Sleep More

Did you know that not sleeping enough can actually create acne? It’s true! Sleeping allows your skin cells to repair, but also helps lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is your stress hormone that causes you to be anxious and tense, and excess stress almost always leads to acne. Just clocking in an hour extra each night can really make a huge difference in your skin if you follow the rest of these tips.Also try to implement calming exercises like yoga and meditation to your life, along with walks, which help lower cortisol.

3 Take Fish Oil

This was one of the best zit zapping tips I received of all. Take fish oil for your skin every single day, and your acne will reduce in a very short amount of time, along with wrinkles, if that’s a problem. As a bonus, fish oil helps prevent depression and can contribute to weight loss with a healthy diet. The best part is, fish oil is great for your heart too. It helps fight acne and gives you all these amazing health benefits because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Fish oil contains high amounts of necessary omega 3 fats that your cells will use to fight inflammation on all levels. I recommend taking a brand without contaminants, mercury or PCB’s, which are toxins found in other brands. Take 2 with a meal, twice a day for best results.

4 Eat Fish

Along with taking fish oil, eating fish is a great way to combat acne as well. Eat wild fish about three times a week if you can. Your skin will glow, hair will grow and your acne will disappear faster. As a bonus, fish fights weight gain and wrinkles too. If you don’t like fish or are vegan, hemp and chia seeds are the perfect substitute for their Omega 3 content, and can be added to just about anything.

5 Eat Green Vegetables

Green veggies and leafy greens are so important for getting rid of acne and zits. They are nature’s prescription for clear skin, a clean body and a clear mind. Greens are full of chlorophyll, which is important for neutralizing acid in your body that creates inflammation. Inflammation leads to acne, weight gain, joint pain, heart disease, blood disease, gastrointestinal problems, poor skin, wrinkles and more. The more alkaline your body is, the less acidic it is and greens help to increase alkalinity. All you need to do is add in three servings a day and try to increase it to 5 if you can. If you like smoothies, it is easy to add some spinach to your favorite smoothie and you’ll never even taste it! Then try eating a salad for lunch, and two servings of green veggies or a green veggie and a salad for dinner along with some lean protein. Leafy greens also contain Vitamin A and C, which your skin needs for combating acne as well.

6 Eat Less Sugar, Even Natural Ones

Sugar is one of the most acidic foods you can put in your body. It also messes with your glycemic index. When this happens, acne has the perfect opportunity to take up residence in your skin. When your blood sugar drops, insulin levels drop and you crave sugar and carbs, and when you eat them, they send your glycemic index way up, which contributes to a roller coaster effect on your insulin levels. As this happens, acne is created due to fast fluctuations in your hormones that the body sees as a source of stress. Since sugar is acidic, it is also inflammatory, which as you know by now, leads to acne. Quit eating all refined sugar, and even eat less fruit. Fruit is a healthy food, but very, very high in sugar. Eat one piece a day and try to eat more veggies than fruits if you suffer bad acne and sugar cravings.

7 Quit Eating Refined Grains

Refined grains have got to go if you want to get rid of zits. Refined grains create the same havoc with your blood sugar as sugar does, and the same inflammatory effect. Eat whole grains like oats, quinoa and brown rice. Try to get rid of bread as well, since it is extremely processed, and eat more grains in their whole form instead.

8 Take Probiotics

Probiotics are wonderful for your digestion, but the magic doesn’t stop there. Probiotics eliminate bacteria and inflammation in your stomach. This process eliminates unhealthy bacteria throughout your whole body, while replacing it with good bacteria that fight off infections. Choose a great brand made without sugars, refined grains and artificial chemicals. I like Phillip’s Colon Health, Garden of Life Primal Defense, and Nature’s Bounty Acidophilus Gold. These truly will help clear your skin when you use the rest of these tips and eat a healthy diet.

9 Drink Water and More Water

Water, water, water! Don’t forget it! Add some lemon or lime if you hate the taste of plain, and drink herbal iced tea all day if you’re still having a hard time. I like to drink herbal tea over ice like rooibos tea, which is also called red tea. It is sweet tasting, calorie free, and caffeine free. Plus, since you use water to make the tea, you’re technically just drinking water anyway. Roobios is also great for acne since it fights inflammation and helps your skin glow. I add some stevia, lemon and I drink this all day in between regular glasses of lemon water and hot tea.

10 Ditch Dairy

Darling, you’re going to have to get off the dairy bandwagon if you really want to turn around your skin. The only exception here that is mildly okay is plain, non-fat Greek yogurt that isn’t sweetened, and preferably organic. If you can’t eat it plain, add in some stevia, cocoa powder and cinnamon and stir it up. This is my favorite little healthy treat and the only dairy that probably won’t break you out. Dairy is extremely acidic and naturally contains mucus from cows, along with natural hormones from cows. So, when you eat it, your body takes all that in, and it can give you acne very quickly. The only reason Greek yogurt is mildly okay is because it contains probiotics and has very little natural sugar, plus 20 grams of protein. Just buy organic so you know you’re not taking in any excess hormones from non-organic fed cows. Otherwise, sour cream, all cheese, milk and butter need to go. There are so many delicious non-dairy alternatives out there to try instead. Many even taste better than the dairy form to many people's surprise, and they won’t give you acne if you buy unsweetened versions.

11 Don’t Eat Junk

Lastly, just be smart when it comes to feeding your face. Don’t eat junk. Junk food, fast food and processed food will give you acne faster than anything else will. Don’t drink sodas, eat candy or buy lots of diet products. Just eat clean, real food and use these tips I’ve given you. Beautiful skin truly can be yours, and now the work is in your hands.

If you’re wondering who I learned all these tips from, feel free to check out some of the sources below, which have been my guidelines over the last 10 years. These tips don’t only come from professionals, but I’ve lived each of these myself and they truly do work. I know these changes aren’t easy to make, but let me tell you that when you can leave your house without an ounce of makeup on and feel completely confident, wake up each morning and love the skin you see in the mirror, and go to bed each night without fearing if a zit will be there the next morning, all the hard work is worth it! Just be sure not to smoke or drink, since those are really bad for your skin too. Have you ever dealt with acne? What did you do?

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