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Contact lenses are becoming more and more trendy and a lot of people prefer to wear contact lenses. There are many reasons why people choose contact lenses but the biggest reason has to be to skip the inconveniences of wearing glasses. Whenever you do not wear glasses and wear contact lenses instead, you instantly look more fashionable, which in its turn boosts your confidence.

Nowadays, with more and more innovations in beauty and health industries, colored eye contacts have become even more popular. These look really stylish and they can completely change your look if the contacts you choose suit your complexion and your style. Many people are switching to contact lenses for various reasons, however, there are some myths associated with contact lenses that we need to bust immediately if not sooner.

Here are some myths about contact lenses that are simply not true:

1 Myth #1

The first untrue thing about contact lenses is that not everybody can wear them. This is an absolute misconception because everyone can wear contacts whether they have a bifocal or any other type of eye sight and nowadays contact lenses are available in many different types starting from soft to rigid to hybrid and they produce custom contact lenses as well even for the most challenging prescriptions, so if you ever feel that contact lenses are not for you then you are completely mistaken.

2 Myth #2

Another myth is that contact lenses could could get lost in your eye ball. This is not true. The inner surface of our eyelids has a moist surface called the conjunctiva and it covers the entire eye and becomes the outer covering of the white part of the eyeball. It is impossible for anything to get behind the eye and become trapped there so if anyone ever told you that your contact lenses will get lost in your eye then that is an absolutely impossible thing. Whether you wear color eye contacts or not it would not be a problem.

3 Myth #3

Another thing that is a big lie about contact lenses is that it will make you feel uncomfortable. This is not true once you are adapted to contact lenses, you will not even feel like you are wearing them. If you have some discomfort, there are a few eye drops which you can apply to get the extra moisture and the comfort.

4 Myth #4

Another thing about contact lenses that scares off some people is that they think that it can get permanently stuck to the eye. This is absolutely wrong because soft contact lenses can stick to the surface of your eye only if it dries out but if you moisten it again by adding some sterile saline or a multi purpose contact lens solution very soon it would be moving again and you wouldn't have to worry. All you have to do is be careful that your contact lenses do not get stuck. And for that you need to just moisten your eyes.

5 Myth #5

The next myth about contact lenses is that it's a lot of trouble to take care of them, which is absolutely wrong because there is a one bottle systems that can make the disinfecting and cleaning of your lenses easy. Also if you choose to change your contact lenses daily and you can just wear the disposable ones instead.

6 Myth #6

Another myth about contact lenses is that you would never be able to get them in your eyes. Surely you will have a problem at the beginning but with the help of eye care professionals you can learn how to apply and remove your contacts before you leave office. Most people have adapted to handling contact lenses better than you expected them to. With practice and time you can learn how to handle contact lenses much faster and it would not be a problem anymore.

7 Myth #7

The next myth about contact lenses is that it can pop out of your eye. The old fashion hard contact lenses would sometimes pop out but that would only be during sports and activities. However the contacts today are made of rigid glass permeable contacts and they are closer fit to the eye and it would be almost impossible for such a contact lense to detach from the eye's surface on its own.

8 Myth #8

Another thing that people think about contact lenses which is also a myth is that they're extremely expensive. Contact lenses are actually less expensive than eyeglasses. There are also disposable ones that cost very little nowadays. If you think that contact lenses are expensive then maybe you are looking in the wrong place because they actually are not.

9 Myth #9

The next thing about contact lenses is that some people think that they are too old to wear contact lenses. This is definitely not true because with the arrival of multi focal contact lenses and other lenses fit for dry eyes, advancing age is no longer a problem and it does not matter what age you are. It shall not be a barrier for you wearing contact lenses. All you need to do is go to a good doctor and get the right prescription.

Since you are now aware of the common myths about contact lenses, you should not let them stop you from trading your glasses for this sleeker option. They are absolutely safe depending upon where you purchase them and once you have them you would not have to worry about anything.

Always make sure that when you are wearing contact lenses you are taking good care of them. And if you're not sure it's best to get help from a professional. Also, stop if you have any problems like itching or discomfort - visit your optometrist for that. And remember, the eye contacts color will not affect your eyes and eye sight in anyway.

Here are some of the things that you should not do whenever you are wearing contacts:

10 Do Not Rub Your Eyes

The first thing that you must not do is that you should not rub your eyes because the dryness or irritation of your eye can cause damage to your cornea if you are wearing contact lenses. This can also lead to a serious damage to your vision and also can call for an eye surgery in severe cases. Take extra care that by no means you rub your eyes when you are wearing lenses.

11 Do Not Touch with Dirty Hands

The next thing that you must not do is not touch your contact with dirty hands. If you do this then you would be introducing the germs into your eyeball and this would not be safe. Think of all the things that your hands come in contact with and if you put the same finger tips with a bunch of germs on them inside your eye when you are applying lenses then that would be a big problem.That is why you should make sure that you sanitize your hands every time you are handling lenses.

12 Be Careful when Applying Makeup

Another thing that you must not do is that you should never leave makeup apply to your eye while you are wearing lenses. Always apply your makeup first and then where your contact lenses because if after wearing your contact lenses you are applying your eye makeup then you will most probably hurt your eye with the tip of the pencil or liner. This is why it is always recommended to not touch your eye with makeup when you are already wearing lenses.

13 Beware of Sunscreen and Sweat

The next thing that you must not do is you should make sure that your sunscreen or your sweat does not run into your eyes as this could have some serious danger and could lead to an irritation or infection that would require medical treatment. To prevent this, you must always wear a sweat band and not apply sunscreen around your eyes. If you really want to apply sunscreen, you can do it carefully but not too close to the eye itself.

14 Be Careful in the Water

Another thing that you should not do when you are wearing lenses is that you should make sure that your eyes do not touch water because if you have any kind of bacteria in that water it would affect and damage your eyes as well as the lenses. Also swimming pools have chlorine which can effect your contacts and if you dive, you could lose your contacts in the water. If you go swimming wear swimming goggles that fit well and do not allow for the water to enter the eye area.

15 Irritation

The next thing that you should never do is wear your contacts when you have irritated eyes. This can double up the discomfort so it is always better to keep your lenses out if you are having irritated eyes. It is extremely uncomfortable and can result in long term problems if you are not careful. Remember that your eyes also need a break and this is the reason why you should avoid wearing lenses when you are experiencing discomfort.

16 Do Not Sleep in Your Contacts

Another thing that can greatly harm your eyes is that if you fall asleep with your contacts. If you sleep with your contacts then it would really cause a long term damage to your vision. Doctors always advise against it and this is the reason why you should never compromise on things like this. Also, make sure that the quality of the contact lenses is good and you should always keep your eye health your highest priority . With contacts on all night, the buildup of proteins and lipid in your lens can make your eyes feel extremely uncomfortable, plus they need to rest and breath, too.

17 Avoid Heat

Another thing that you should not do is you should never expose your lens case to heat. Whether you are taking your contacts out during the day or in the evening, you have to be mindful about where you put the case. If you are at the beach you should just leave your case at home because exposure to heat can dry your contacts out and that can affect the quality. It is best that your case includes daily cleaning and air drying as this would remove any bacteria.

18 Always Clean Them First

The next thing that you need to do is you need to avoid wearing contacts without cleaning them. Always use some fresh solutions to clean your contact and put them back in the case when you're not using them. Though regular cleaning could become a hassle, it is the best way for avoiding any infection or irritation. If you spend a few minutes everyday taking care of your eyes then it would really benefit your overall quality of vision.

To Sum It Up:

There are somethings that you should certainly not forget if you wear contact lenses. Contact lenses are great for people who are not okay with glasses or are reluctant about a change in their look. But a contact wearer needs to be careful about their use. Using them requires extra care and precaution and doing so would also prevent damage as well as infections of the eye. If you wear lenses you may already be aware of some of the care tips and precautions that needs to be taken.

However, you must be especially careful about never wearing your contact lenses while you are sleeping . You must also be careful with your contacts when wearing makeup and not go heavy on mascara application too close to the eye.

Another thing that you need to do is you need to change the solution on a regular basis so that your eyes do not not experience dryness of the contacts. And another thing that you need to do is that you should avoid wearing lenses when you are swimming. Always keep a spare pair of eye glasses ready whenever you are wearing contacts because in case you catch an infection or there is an emergency, then you must always have your glasses ready so that you can simply switch to them for the time being.

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