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By Lauren

A lot of people are interested in quick fixes for everyday health problems. We have all experienced annoying or humiliating health problems at some point in our lives. Don't you wish there were some tips for everyday health to help you stop or cope better with your irritating health issues? Well no one has all the answers to solve all our problems, but I have come across a few tips that could help to improve certain health concerns we face almost everyday. So here are 10 quick fixes for everyday health problems to help you get through your days feeling better!

1 Stop a Sneezing Fit

During cold or allergy season, it can be hard to stop sneezing once you start. To help stop this, dip the tip of your nose in a glass of water for a second or two. When you have a sudden sneezing fit, it means something is inside your nose is irritating the lining. By dipping your nose in a glass of water, the water should wash away the irritant and cause your sneezing to stop. To make this remedy even more effective, dissolve some salt in the water first. The salt will help loosen up mucus, which will also help get rid of the irritant. If you're in a situation where you will look odd dipping your nose in a glass of water, holding a wet tissue to your nose should also work. No access to water? Try exhaling through your nose quickly for five seconds.

2 Stall Your Urge to Pee

We've all had times where we've had to pee like crazy and can't get to a bathroom right away, so this is one of the quick fixes for everyday health problems everyone can use. The more you worry about your bladder bursting, the harder it will be to hold it in. So first, stop thinking about your situation by pulling out your phone and doing something to distract yourself like play a game or watch a movie. If you do this, make sure you stay away from funny videos as laughing will make you lose control and end up peeing your pants! If you're somewhere where you can't play with your phone, get a friend to distract you with a serious story or discussion. While you're watching or listening, make sure to sit up with your legs crossed. This helps to relieve pressure on your bladder.

3 Period Came Early… No Tampons

Uh oh, you get to the bathroom and realize your period is early and you have nothing to use! If you find yourself in his desperate and unfortunate situation, wrap toilet paper, napkins, or paper towels around the liner of your underwear. If you have a bandage or tape handy, secure it at both ends to your underwear. As an extra precaution, take two anti-inflammatory pain relievers afterwards to prevent cramps and slow your flow so you can save your pants from getting stained due to your early monthly "visitor."

4 When Your Emotions Get the Best of You

Maybe you just got disciplined by your boss at work or maybe something negative in your personal life is going on and it has made its way into your mind. If you're in a public area or at work where you can't cry, tilt your head up and look directly at the bright indoor light for a moment. The light will constrict your pupils and make it more difficult for the tears to pour out. You can also try holding your breath for five seconds, which helps stops tears too. Finally, crying is triggered by the emotional side of your brain. Thus, if you use your logical side of your brain by doing some math in your head for a few minutes, it will override your emotional side and keep you from crying.

5 Carsickness

If you're like me, sometimes you can get a bit carsick on long road trips, so here's a great tip for health problems that works for me. If you feel it coming on, jack up the AC or roll down the window. Cool air is a great remedy for relieving your nauseous feeling. Then, try to find something to munch on such as crackers. Eating a small snack will help relax your stomach. Carsickness typically occurs in the backseat of the car, so if possible, ask to drive or sit up front.

6 The Aftermath of Zit Popping

You popped an ugly zit right before a date, and now you're stuck with an even uglier mess on your face. Hold an ice cube, or something else that's cold, to the area ASAP! The coldness will reduce swelling fast and will also help to minimize infection. Next time, instead of popping a zit, cover it with a benzoyl peroxide product or a salicylic-acid spot treatment. Both will dry out the zit and start the healing process. Also, you can use some anti-redness eye drops on the area to make the red of the zit less noticeable. This is definitely one of the tips for everyday health that I wish I knew in high school!

7 Bikini Line Rash

So you shaved your bikini line to get ready to wear your new bathing suit, but now you have a rash of red bumps that's irritating your skin. Grab some ice or run a washcloth under some cold water and hold it to your inner thighs for five minutes. Ice constricts blood vessels, reducing redness, and calms itchy, inflamed skin. A cool tea bag, whole milk, or even oatmeal can also help since these all contain soothing anti-inflammatory properties. If you have access to your guy's aftershave, you can use that as well.

8 Itchy Breasts

Dry air, allergies, or a skin yeast infection are all reasons for having irritated and itchy breasts. Right after you shower, make sure to apply lotion to your breasts to seal in moisture. Also, make sure you're not allergic to your laundry detergent, the dye in the fabric of your shirt, and even the underwire of your bra! If you find out that you are, hydrocortisone cream can help to relieve these skin allergies. If you find out you do have a skin yeast infection which is causing the itching, use an anti-yeast cream and keep the infection at bay by regularly washing your breasts with soap and thoroughly drying your skin.

9 Always Cold Hands & Feet

Do you find that no matter what you do, your hands or feet are always cold? This is usually a sign of poor circulation. To correct this, try adding more heart-pumping cardio to your workouts, which can improve your overall blood flow. If by chance you notice your hands or feet turn white or purplish, it might be a sign of Raynaud's disease. It is not serious but should be treated with meds.

10 The Dreaded D Word

This is one of the grossest tips for everyday health, but sadly it's something we all face at some point. Maybe earlier in the day you ate something for lunch that just didn't sit right in your stomach and now you're paying for it with having to rush to the bathroom. Clench your butt muscles and walk at a steady and quick pace. Walking fast can help distract you from the fact that you're close to disaster. If you are sitting, try sitting with one leg underneath you so your butt rest on top of your ankle. It may provide enough pressure to help you hold it in a little longer. If you can, try to eat some firm white rice as this food can help to quickly firm up your stool.

Hopefully these tips and quick fixes for everyday health problems will help some of your everyday problems. Before turning to prescription drugs to solve everything, try finding home remedies such as these. Make sure that any health problem you have doesn't persist for too long. If it does, or your symptoms become worse, make sure to see your doctor! What are some of your everyday health problems, and how to do you treat them?

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