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By Jelena

Quick Healthy Ways to Lose Weight do exist and although you shouldn’t expect them to do magic, you can count on them to help you see results faster. The quick healthy ways to lose weight I have in mind are a combination of mind tricks, healthy foods and physical activity which means I won’t be discussing diets and other stuff that don’t work, but easy ways to feel better and look better without having to suffer significant lifestyle changes. So, if you like the way words “weight loss” and “healthy” sound and totally hate the word “diet”, definitely check out these 10 quick, healthy ways to lose weight:

1 Avoid Late Night Snacks

Why snack if you know you’ll be in bed in just 30 minutes to an hour, especially when you know each cookie or potato chip you eat will stick on your tights or tummy! Drink a glass of water, hop into your bed and don’t even think about snacks or hunger and you’ll feel really good when you wake up the next morning, think about breakfast and then say something like “Oh, let’s make ourselves something to EAT, shall we? After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Waking up knowing that you CAN eat and going to sleep knowing that you DON’T WANT to eat junk is a huge ego boost and it brings great results literally overnight.

2 Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar, they are bad for our livers, contain no vitamins or minerals whatsoever and… (drumroll)… are the ones to be blamed for cellulite! So, if you want to use quick, healthy ways to lose weight, I suggest deleting these from your grocery list. First couple of days will be a struggle because these drinks tend to create addiction but, fear not, as giving up sodas isn’t as nearly as hard as giving up cigarettes. Avoiding sodas also comes with benefits you can see right away like flatter tummy which means you won’t only lose weight in the long run but feel slimmer right now!

3 Use Alternative Transportation

Walk or ride a bicycle instead of taking a bus or hopping into a car. Yes, it is exhausting and yes, you will need more time but it will do wonders for your figure. Riding a bike is also an amazing way to lose weight and tone your muscles so if you are a fan of speed or own a Vespa but never use it, trade a skirt for a pair of pants and use it to get to your work at least twice a week.

4 Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals might sound like a good way to lose weight in theory but it will only create a mess you could use to justify the need to snack often and that, as you know, isn’t healthy nor effective. Introduce order instead and force yourself to eat all three meals plus one healthy snack each day. This is one of those quick, healthy ways to lose weight you must adopt in order to see results faster because starving yourself won’t help but make you feel tired instead. If you’re an early bird, eat before you go to work/school, if not, prepare a healthy breakfast before you go to bed and you’ll soon realize eating right isn’t a time consuming activity but more of an organizational problem you’ve managed to solve with great success.

5 Eat Foods with Zero Calories

Yes, those foods really exist and although their real calorie count isn’t exactly zero, your total calorie intake after eating this food will be negative! How? Well, as you already know digesting food is a biological process that burns calories and when you eat foods that are so low in calories that burning them requires more calories than they provide, the end result is, of course, weight loss. So? What are you waiting for, grab a piece of paper and start putting together a new grocery list that will include: Apples, onions, radishes, oranges, lemons, peaches, lettuce, hot peppers, blueberries, cranberries, asparagus, cauliflowers and carrots.

6 Ditch Conventional Diets

One of the best, quick healthy ways to lose weight is to ditch all those popular, revolutionary diets and try to think of the changes you’re about to make, not as dieting, but as trying to eat better. The end result will, of course, be the same but you’ll feel much better! You see, “being on a diet” sounds like something hard, something that requires a lot of sacrifice when “eating right and caring for your body” sound rather cool and trendy. But, here, feel free to test my theory – tell one of your girlfriends you’re on a diet and see the look on her face changes from normal to sad, almost if she was feeling sorry for you. Then tell the other one you’ve decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle and she’ll either ask you if you want company or openly admit she doesn’t have that level of self control.

7 Fat or Just Bloated?

Let’s face it, we all have out “fat” days! We’re bloated and that makes us depressed causing us to eat more thinking “I already look like I’m 6 months pregnant, a piece of cake certainly can’t do any more damage!” Wrong! Your new eating regimen was giving great results last week and you’re suddenly fat and thinking about giving up now? No way! You’re just bloated, girl, and there is a whole bunch of tasty, healthy remedies that could help you like: herbal teas, afore mentioned asparagus, fresh or dried prunes and water!

8 Socialize

When you decide to change your eating habits and turn to less fattening, healthier food, socializing seems like the one thing you should avoid. But is it really the case? Should you really resort to being alone and friendless simply because dinning out is a potential threat? Of course not! It’s actually the other way around so the next on my list of quick healthy ways to lose weight would be re-connecting with all of your friends. Yes, there will be times when you’ll have to be extra careful about what you eat or drink but there will be times when no drinking or eating is involved like shopping, walking, talking on the phone, going to the beach/swimming pool etc. Now imagine how bored you would get if all of these fun activities suddenly stopped! And what do we do when we’re bored? Yes, we EAT!

9 Treat Yourself with a Three Course Meal

Have you ever managed to eat a three course meal? I honestly haven’t! In fact, I always make the same mistake of filling up with salads and barely touching everything that is served afterwards! Why not try something like that? Make yourself a feast and set up the table but don’t bring all the food out at once. Start your meal with three different kinds of salads and maybe a low-calorie entrée, then return all that in the kitchen and bring out the main course. Eat slowly, chew your food, enjoy and stop when you feel full.

10 Pull off a Veggie Scam

A veggie scam is the coolest and in the same time the tastiest way to trick yourself into eating less calories than usual so the last of my tips on quick healthy ways to lose weight would be to try it on yourself today! You don’t really have to do anything special and you’ll actually save money by making the foods in your fridge last longer. So, when you’re making a sandwich, stuff it with veggies and ration the ham and cheese and when you’re making a meal use less meat and more mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes. You can also pull off a fruit scam by making a fruit salad with very little low-fat ice-cream, by using less cereal and more fruits each morning or blending a perfectly sweet fruit yoghurt with no extra sugar (use very ripe and therefore very sweet fruit).

How about it, ladies? Are you ready to try these quick healthy ways to lose weight? I do agree neither one will help you look better overnight but, honestly, not even surgeries are THAT effective either! What these quick, healthy ways to lose weight will do is raise the level of your self esteem, change the way you think about healthy foods and exercise, enable you to integrate small but meaningful changes into your lifestyle and, of course, feel great about your decision to make some changes! Now, isn’t that what healthy, sustainable weight loss is about?

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