12 Sex Tips for Older Women ...

By Damito

Looking for some sex tips for older women? The biggest impression that you get from our culture, except for a couple of Cialis commercials, is that sex is only for young people. If you look at most TV shows, all you will see is sweaty young things writhing about, but if there’s anybody over 40, they cut away after they kiss.

But just because you are older doesn’t mean that your sex life has to be over. A recent survey of 3,005 adults done by the National Opinion Research Center found that people aged 57 and 64, 62% of women and 84% of men reported that they had sex in the past year. Of the 75 to 85 years old, 17% of women and 38% of men had done it.

What about all of those older women and men enjoying an active sex life? They have been at it for a while now. So you could easily say that they have a lot of sexual wisdom to share with the young and curious. Thankfully, the following 12 women will help to share some sex tips for older women.

1 Meryl Streep: “Everything That Truly Makes Us Happy is Quite Simple: Love, Sex, and Food!”

Back in 2011 during her interview for the Talks, Streep reminded us that sex and pleasure are important parts of keeping your life happy.

2 Joan Collins: regarding the Three Most Important Things in Relationships: “Sex, Sex, Sex.”

The English actress couldn’t have put it better than she did in 2014 of Britain’s Loose Women. While sex probably isn’t the only important part of every relationship, it is a crucial part of how we interact with each other and it has been proven to be an important part of relationship satisfaction.

3 Barbara Walters: “Self-love? You Know What My Vibrator is Called? a Selfie!"

Yes, you heard that right. Barbara Walters has a vibrator. Whoopi Goldberg revealed this fact in a 2014 episode of The View. There are lots of reasons why everybody, women included, should masturbate. But even if you still aren’t convinced, knowing that a much respected new anchor has one should make you want to get one.

4 Joan Rivers: “I Blame My Mother for My Poor Sex Life. All She Told Me Was, ‘the Man Goes on Top and the Woman underneath.’ for Three Years My Husband and I Slept in Bunk Beds.”

The late, great Joan Rivers loved to joke about sex and the differences between women and men. While this joke was probably just meant as a joke, it does underline a point: If we can’t talk about what we are looking for in bed and what that is supposed to look like, we can wait a long while before getting it.

5 Martha Stewart: “Always Take a Bath before and after… and Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth.”

The home and lifestyle guru shared this little piece of advice in a 2014 Reddit AMA. While this tip isn’t mandatory, it isn’t a bad one. Sometimes in order to feel sexy you need to feel clean and pampered. So maybe next time try taking a bath and take a little time getting ready.

6 Betty White: “Does Desire Melt Away with Age? I’m Waiting for That Day to Come. Sexual Desire is like Aging – a Lot of It is in Your Head.”

During an interview for AARP the Magazine in 2010, White hinted that sexual desire isn’t something that just goes away. There are some women that have low sex drives because of medical issues, but for most others, they can nurture and pursue that sense of desire and lust. Getting in the mood is all in your head. This is a piece of advice that anybody of any age can follow.

7 Jane Fonda: “One Thing about Aging is That Spontaneity Kind of Goes out the Window and You Have to Plan. Which Can Be Exciting, but You Have to Decide: How Long from Now Am I Going to Want to Perform? and then It Depends on What Kind of Pill You Take.”

Most people under 60 won’t need pills to have sex, but as Fonda said in 2014 on Conan, just because you are ready doesn’t mean have to hop right in. This is extremely true the older you are, but this can apply to just about any age. You may not be ready to go. Planning and patience are virtues.

8 Goldie Hawn: “I like Being Independent. I like Being His Girlfriend. I like That Notion. I Think It’s Sexy.”

Hawn is famous for not marrying her boyfriend of more than 30 years, Kurt Russell. As she told CNN in 2006, she is not only okay with not having a ring, but their status makes her feel sexy. Knowing that a person is committed to you through only love and trust can be a turn-on and a confidence booster.

9 Sophie Loren: “I Think That Quality of Sexiness Comes from within. It is Something That is in You or It Isn’t, and It Really Doesn’t Have Much to do with Breasts or Thighs or the Pout of Your Lips.”

According to the ageless sex symbol and Oscar winner, Sophie Loren, sexy is only a state of mind. This means that there are no age or physical limits. Just because you’re a size two doesn’t mean you are sexier than a size 14. And having a full face of makeup isn’t sexier than one without any. You don’t have to fit into a certain mold, but it’s how you feel about yourself. Everything else will follow.

10 Helen Mirren “I like Sexy Stuff. I like Looking at Sexy Photos. I Loved Madonna’s Sex Book, and I Love Gaga. to Be Honest, I Rather like Watching Pole Dancing.”

Sexuality has the ability to be fluid, and you should not fight attractions. In fact, you should seek them out. Helen Mirren reminded us of this in a 2011 interview with Times. The things that turn us one may not be what we were expecting, or what society views as ‘normal.’ It may also not fit into gender norms. Make sure you are honest with yourself and find what attracts you. It will lead to a better and a more positive sexual experience.

11 Dr. Ruth: “the Principal Concern for a Woman is Not Having an Orgasm. but a Woman Has to Take Responsibility for Her Own Orgasms. It’s up to the Man to Not Be Offended when She Tells Him What She Needs.”

For women, orgasms tend to not be very straightforward. As Dr. Ruth said, every partner needs to take an active role and talk about what they are looking for from the other person, and the partner needs to listen honestly and be respectful.

12 Dolly Parton: “I Was Always Very Open-minded about Sex, and I’m Glad That I Still Am… It Was Never Dirty to Me. after All, God Gave Us the Equipment and the Opportunity. There’s the Old Saying, ‘if God Had Meant for Us to Fly, He’s Given Us Wings.’ Well, Look at What He Did Give Us.”

Christianity, as well as many other religions, has a bad rap when it comes to sex. As a devout Christian, for Parton sex is only another part of how we were created. Like she stated in her book Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business, we are provided these parts, so why not use them. It’s only natural, so there is no need to feel guilt or shame.

There you have it - 12 intelligent women telling it like it is. The advice they have for older women and sex can also help out all the young people out there as well. So don’t let your sexiness waste away just because you think you’re “too old.” Have fun.

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