The Best Ways to Develop Mental Strength ...

By Neecey

Being mentally strong means you can cope with all life throws at you. When that curve ball comes a-flying you don’t crumple because you’re armed with a bat to wallop it into the stands. But what if you duck or the ball hits you? That means it’s time to get back into training and try these ways to develop mental strength.

1 Pursue Your Dreams and Aspirations

Pursue Your Dreams and Aspirations Figure out what you want from life, what your dreams and goals are and how you can attain them. People who have found ways to become mentally strong always make this a priority and doggedly follow their dreams without letting the well-meant advice and opinions of others distract them. If you're truly strong and independent, you won't need their advice because you know your own mind, strengths and weaknesses.

2 Don`t Let Others Drive You Crazy

Don`t Let Others Drive You Crazy Don't take the opinion of party-poopers personally. There'll always be a spoil-sport who'll tell you that your boss won't promote you, your book won't be a bestseller and you won't make your first million by the time you've reached 35. They're either expressing their scepticism or their envy - either way, ignore what they say and believe in yourself. You want positive vibes around you and if you find there are too many negative people in your life who hamper your aspirations...it's time to shed a few Moaning Minnies and move on to greener pastures. Mentally strong people surround themselves with people who encourage them, not drag them down all the time.

3 Don`t Follow the Herd

Don`t Follow the Herd A mentally strong person is generally a leader, not a follower. They tend to have their own set of rules and are not afraid to make decisions, even if some of them turn out to be uncomfortable ones. Don't be afraid to say no to the crowd - you may be hurting somebody's feelings, but this is your one-time chance at life - not a rehearsal, so explain your motives and move on. Not understanding is ultimately their problem, not yours and you cannot let other people dictate how you should live your life.

4 Be First in Line

Be First in Line Changing your life starts with the girl in the mirror - and while it's true that being the first or a beginner is always more difficult than being next in line, you should not be afraid of change and new beginnings. See them as an opportunity to do something totally new in your own way rather than following the rules and staying within the limits others have set. Proposing a new project at work takes guts, seeing it through even more so. You will gain greater mental strength by sticking to your plan and standing up for your convictions.

5 Follow Your Heart and Soul

Follow Your Heart and Soul You should be able to do what you like to do, not what others expect you to do. Obviously, in the workplace there are bosses who tell us what to do, but in our private lives we often do things we don't really want to get involved with. Following your heart and soul can be hard when family and friends make emotional demands on you, but you should tell everybody about your aspirations and how you wish to accomplish them. You'll have to compromise a little, but you'll be able to relax and get done what you want to do with their understanding. Learning to say "no" can be the hardest thing, but you shouldn't waste your life on somebody else's dream.

6 Change Begins at Home

Change Begins at Home Life will always throw a curve ball at us when we least expect it and some situations simply cannot be changed - so you'll need to change your approach and attitude towards such moments instead. Learn to accept failures as part of life and turn them to your advantage. When one door closes, life has a way of opening another one, and you'll still be learning something, even when things look really bad. You will feel more confident next time round, when things go wrong, because you know how you'll perform in a crisis.

7 Practice Positive Thinking Daily

Practice Positive Thinking Daily Mentally strong people have a positive attitude towards life and they practice daily to see the glass half-full, not half-empty. How could you possibly see the opportunities in front of you when all you keep noticing is the obstacles? A content person is not somebody who owns lots of things;, it's the person who can truly value what they've got and find pleasure in small things who is content.

8 Use Your Fears to Your Benefit

Use Your Fears to Your Benefit Everybody is afraid of something they wish to overcome. However, our fears can sometimes be useful if we know how to exploit them. When entrepreneurs face complete failure, they are motivated to work extra hard, become more focused, smarter and stronger. They don't hang about bemoaning their fate, while sitting in the ashes of their dreams.

9 Benefiting Others

Benefiting Others A strong and independent person doesn't wait to be given reasons to help others, they just do it. Provided you approach others with the mind-set of helping them for their sake, not because you expect something in return, you should be able to boost your self-esteem. Being kind and sympathetic seems a strange concept in today's material world, but that's what will be your unique selling point, the thing that makes you stand out in a crowd and allow you to experience not just success and wealth, but also true happiness and friendship, as like-minded people will flock to you.

10 Seeing the Bright Side of Life

Seeing the Bright Side of Life People who are mentally strong learn to share other people's happiness and good fortune, because they see the bright side of life. They can celebrate other people's successes without an attack of the green-eyed monster. The people in your life, friends and family, colleagues even, have dreams and ambitions too and you should learn to share their happiness. It will make you a better person and you'll feel more fulfilled, happier and enjoy a more peaceful life. Let their successes inspire you to achieve your own goals, and allow their determination to rub off on you to give you strength, and push you towards achieving your own ambitions.

11 Make Patience Your Virtue

Make Patience Your Virtue Successful people don't reach important decisions in a hurry. They take their time to do a risk assessment, so they're ready when it's time to move. They are proactive and make their environment work for them instead of letting circumstances dictate to them. Being patient is a great virtue and skill to have as you can achieve goals step-by-step instead of rushing and grabbing and missing your goals by a mile as a result.

12 Believe in Your Own Strength

Believe in Your Own Strength Mentally strong people believe in themselves. They don't whine about every little set-back, but get on with their goal firmly fixed in their mind. Once you have attained one goal, head for the next and so on, always looking ahead and staying positive. Your confidence will grow as you go along, helping you to take the initiative and go ahead in accordance with your own plans. Instead of approaching life with "I'll try", take the "I can do" approach instead.

13 Accepting Failure as Part of Life

Accepting Failure as Part of Life Don't le the occasional set-back or failure depress you so much that you curl up into a ball and stop striving. Failure is part of life and it's there so we can learn from our mistakes, do it better next time round and move on. Children don't give up trying to walk just because they landed on their bottom when they took their first step. They get up, dust themselves down and take step number two. Learning from our mistakes makes us mentally strong.

14 Life is Not a Rehearsal

Life is Not a Rehearsal Don't hang around waiting for happiness, make it happen! Now is the time to change your life for the better, but this decision must come from yourself. Nobody can make the decision to change your lifestyle for you. Those with mental strength act. They don't wait for the perfect moment to go ahead. If they have a few set-backs along the way, they take them in their stride and learn from their errors. Make a start and keep going.

15 Learn to Accept Yourself as You Are

Learn to Accept Yourself as You Are Instead of looking over your shoulder at successful people with a touch of envy, learn to accept your own weaknesses and discover your strengths. Be proud of both, they make you who you are. If you're always hankering after other people's accomplishments and talents, you'll never be able to discover and develop your own. If you want to know how to develop mental strength, start by accepting our inner "warts and all" personality!

Do you need to work on any of these. I really have to work on my patience. I want everything to happen and be done now. NOW!

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