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By Heather

Spring is one of the most popular times to detox the body, and is a great time to do so, as long as you follow a some simple tips for safe detox diets. Many diets rely on liquids such as juices only, or restrict too many calories. Neither of these options are safe. Detoxing can actually be a wonderful process to heal your body and give you a little more energy, heighten your immune system, and balance your blood sugar levels. The key is to do it right! These tips for safe detox diets will get you started on the right foot, along with a little motivation to feel better when bikini season gets here. Safe and effective detox diets eliminate dairy, caffeine, alcohol, red meat, sugar, soy, gluten, yeast, eggs and peanuts. These foods are highly allergenic, can cause digestive imbalance, or cause other problems you’ll find out more below about. The best part about these tips is there’s no counting calories what-so-ever and you’ll look and feel amazing, while still being safe.

1 Eat Whole Foods

Eat Whole FoodsIncluding whole foods in a detox is one of the most important tips for safe detox diets out there. Don’t ever choose a detox that takes out whole foods or includes diet bars, packaged meals or packaged juices. Your body needs whole foods. If you choose to blend these whole foods into smoothies that is completely fine, but be sure to use whole foods in your detox. Your body needs nourishment during a time of change and cleansing, such as a detox, and can get the best nourishment from whole foods. If you choose any nutritional powders, be sure to use raw, organic ones with no added fillers, preservatives or sweeteners other than stevia.

2 Eat Fat

During a detox, many people try to limit their fat intake. This is a huge mistake. First of all, your body needs fat to absorb nutrients. It also needs fat for proper digestion, healthy brain function, and fat can aid in the elimination of toxins when you choose the right fats to incorporate, and in the right amounts. While you don’t need to douse your foods in oil or nosh on nuts all day, you do need around 1-2 tbsp. of fat with each meal. Fats such as raw coconut oil, flax oil, flax seed, hemp seed, chia seed, raw coconut, organic extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts, and raw hemp seed oil are all great fats to use. I like to put these in smoothies, use on top of salads, or make into homemade energy bars.

3 Watch the Sugar

Watch the SugarIn fact, watch your carbohydrate intake overall when doing a detox. Many juice cleanses are often high in sugar and this is terrible for your blood sugar levels. The point of detoxing is to reset your system so you feel your best. Use smoothies instead of juices, which keep the fiber in tact and will keep your blood sugar levels stable. You can’t feel your best when your blood sugar is all over the place, which spikes your insulin and leaves you cravings carbs and having energy highs and lows all day. To watch your overall carbohydrate intake, choose lower sugar fruits like berries, gluten-free grains like quinoa or brown rice, that are high in protein, and don’t use high-sugar sweeteners like honey, refined sugar, molasses, dextrose, artificial sweeteners, fructose, agave, maple syrup, etc. Choose stevia as your main sweetener.

4 Let Go of the Joe

Let Go of the JoeSorry ladies, but during a detox, you don’t want to keep drinking your coffee and think you’re detoxing. I’ve been there, and know how hard this can be, but you WILL feel so much better without it. Coffee is highly acidic and can actually deplete your body of nutrients that you need during detoxing. It causes a diuretic effect and also stimulates your digestive tract to remove wastes before it may be ready. It is a laxative in disguise and once your body can learn to eliminate without coffee, your detox organs like your liver, can do their job more efficiently. You’ll also crave less sweets and acidic foods once you remove coffee. As a healthy substitute, I like to drink hot green tea with a little almond milk or lemon juice, plus some stevia to sweeten.

5 Eat Lean Protein

Eat Lean ProteinYour body needs lean protein to maintain muscle mass, support your organs and give you energy. Protein also aids in brain and immune function. Be sure to include lean proteins from top-notch sources during this time, not cheap protein powders or protein bars. Good choices are lean organic poultry or high quality wild caught fish, or if you are vegan, choose raw nuts and seeds in moderate portions, gluten-free grains, and easy to digest legumes such as chickpeas. Be sure to include some with your meals and with each snack. If you like using protein powders as I do for convenience, costs and tastes, choose raw organic ones such as ones with sprouted grains and seeds, or from raw seeds or raw brown rice protein, and be sure to follow the serving size recommendations on the package. Some of my favorites are Garden of Life Raw Meal and Raw Fit Protein, Sunwarrior Raw Blend Protein Powder, raw hemp protein powder, Philosophie superfoods, So Cal Cleanse Detox+Protein, and Oriya Organics SuperProtein Medley. Links to each of these are listed in the sources below.

6 Drink Lots of Water

Drink Lots of WaterWater is your best friend for detoxing! It is preferable to choose filtered water to eliminate chlorine and other harmful substances in tap water, but do the best you can with what you have. Add a squeeze of lemon for Vitamin C to support your immune system and to fight inflammation, and you get a bonus! Add for 6-8 cups a day. This can be included in the form of caffeine-free herbal tea as well.

7 Incorporate Gentle Exercise

Incorporate Gentle ExerciseWalking is great for detoxing. Not only does it burn calories, but it also lowers stress, supports your joints, lowers your waistline and body mass, and it is gentle on your system. Yoga, pilates and gentle stretching are also great. Gentle movements are key for detoxing. When your body is removing toxins, it needs movement to massage the inner organs and get your lymph flowing. Lymph helps move wastes from the body and this can’t be done efficiently when your body is stressed or lethargic. While you don’t want to overexert yourself with exercise, gentle movement will aid the detox process along perfectly.

8 Be Vitamin Smart

Be Vitamin SmartI don’t recommend taking detox pills or laxatives during a detox. I do recommend using a high quality multivitamin free of all common allergens, and preferably one that is vegan and organic to avoid toxic ingredients. A quality multivitamin will ensure your body is nutritionally supported in case your food choices don’t give you exactly what you need. I like one by Now Foods called Special Two that even has added green foods in, extra Vitamin B12 for energy, metabolism and digestion, probiotics and enzymes to aid in digestion, and has added fiber to support removal of wastes. I also recommend using a high quality probiotic to support the healthy bacteria in your body which aids immune function, digestive functions and helps clear the body of wastes. You can find links below or seek out your own. Do you all have any safe detox tips for me? I’d love to hear them!

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